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Woah [Jan. 15th, 2009|08:34 pm]
I don't get on this thing for a couple weeks and everything goes nuts
Many proclamations of love and important papers etc.
I will read y'alls jazzmatazzerie soon.


I have a job that I love. I just sit on sweet couches with some cool dudes, talk about how cool it would be to film certain things, find a way to apply them to SIU also being cool, and then we do it.

I went a shot a women's ball game and a swim meet today, loads of fun.
We have this HD camera that is worth well over ten grand. Needless to say it is the most expensive thing I have ever held while running.

All of you who have ever gotten into a conversation with me about the nifty shit I like to do know that I am in love with actual physical film, but this camera can fake it pretty good. And with all our post production equipment we can fake it even better. But still, film has magical properties, the image burns into the scroll 24 times every second; it is like writing on burning paper and HD is all 1's and zeros. But still, I am happy with the results.

I am excited about the prospect of working with Cullen in the future, he is a guy that I have always respected and been interested in, and I think working with him and taking care of his needs will be good for me in learning how to care for others- as my parents age this is something I think about; and of course the structure that will be necessary for Cullen's well being will help me in my day to day organization as I learn these habits.

Also I have decided to apply for the nightlife. I read the first line of an article in this paper today: "Compared to most Large cities, Carbondale, being smaller, has a small music scene."

I said SHIT I could write that with my asshole.


Some of my writing will probably be published this week in our little zine called High Carb Low Life, most of y'all woulda seen it already anyhow but it's fun to know other folks will be takin a gander soon.

And also my imaginary band, the cosmic twilight pimps, is no longer imaginary and we suck a good deal less. We already opened for some noise acts from Chicago and we are playing our third proper show on Saturday evening.

Jesse is going to be the special guest DJ on the Sweet Action Radio Hour and I am sure his mix will be epic, and certainly his spin spun span will be recorded for posterity an posteriors alike,
to be linked HEAR.

Weeee we weeeeee all the way home.

[User Picture]From: dianeorbetty
2009-01-19 03:55 am (UTC)
cosmic twilight pimps
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