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Statement of purpose for today [Apr. 7th, 2009|02:57 pm]
I am a little spark, a drug that you can take and I will let you and I will love it as much if not more than you.
If you give me some faith I will perform a miracle, and if you clap you hands I will never die.
I will learn to bleed my mind into the world that is and make it into the world I see
I will dance naked in the face of angry old gods, I will be the hanged man
and I will still sing
with all arrows considered.
I will let love be simple
and let you be simple
and let me be simple
and we will make beautiful things in the space and time we have, however short, however eternal.
I will use my vibrations as a living being to help all things grow
be they growing strong enough to save or kill me
there is no distinction.
I will will.
I will will all beauty in the lives of those I can.
I will will away disparagement, yet retain discernment.
I will know things and not name them,
and kiss as often as possible.
I will love what I do and do it well.